Telehealth Clinics

Bringing healthcare closer to community!

COMSATS became the pioneer in Tele-health in Pakistan when it first launched a Tele-health clinic back in 2001. In 2013, COMSATS Internet Services formally established Comclinic™, a Tele-health social service, offeringfree healthcareto underprivileged people in remote and rural areas of Pakistan. The first Tele-health clinic wasset up at Gokina village near PirSohawa, Islamabad, and since then several Tele-health units have been made operational in distant and mountainous areas across the four provinces of the country.

COMSATS Tele-health Resource Center Islamabad, linked with remote Tele-health unit, provides specialist healthcare consultations using digital diagnostic facilities and live video conferencing. Wi-Fi broadband internet service is the lifeline for this service. Comclinic™ uses the latest in digital diagnostic equipment such as digital stethoscope, vital signs monitor, examination camera, ultrasound probe, ENT Scope, ECG Glove, etc. Computerized database of patients and their medical history is maintained for repeat visits of patient and also for analysis purposes.

CIS’s Tele-health service hassuccessfully served thousands of patients, and is continuing to expand its services to reach more rural communities.With the ICT infrastructure and development improving, CIS has taken full advantage by making primary healthcare available to the underprivilegedin Pakistan. ComClinic™ has become an excellent example of how ICT can help the health sector improve its outreach.

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