Managed Security Services

Activate flexible, smart IT and network security solutions to counter Internet threats
Network security is top priority for any organization where Internet threats to systems and data can cripple business innovation, restrict productivity and adversely affect compliance efforts. You need preemptive threat mitigation solutions that protect your entire IT infrastructure. CIS offers the latest in network security solutions to protect endpoints, applications, systems and networks.

CIS has extensive experience in providing end-to-end security solutions, from hardware to software services, for organizations of all sizes. Our security specialists address your individual needs to provide the solutions that best match your business goals. Our managed security servicesbenefit you by:

  • Identification of network security threats and risks throughout your organization
  • Provision of CIS expertise and technology to help anticipate and prevent attacks
  • Recommendations for a practical plan tailored specifically to your business and security objectives
Our services include:

Information security assessment
Evaluating the status of security to create a strategy to reduce risk.

Emergency response services
Experienced and certified consultants to help manage and respond to security conflicts.

Penetration testing services
Safeguarding online assets and supporting regulatory compliance by unmasking the susceptibilities on the network

Staff augmentation services

Providing cost-effective security optimization by supporting critical security management tasks

Managed and monitored firewall service

Real-time management 24/7/365 of your firewalls, delivering customized protection.

Managed intrusion prevention and detection services

Wide-ranging protection for your networks and servers. Help blocking unauthorized access.

Managed protection services

Managed protection services for your networks, servers and desktops